Orange Thighed Tree Frog

Orange Thighed Tree Frog

The orange thighed tree frog is a species of tropical frogs in parts of Australia. They are known for their various colorations, and are often confused with the red-eyed tree frog (Litoria chloris).

Scientific Name Litoria xanthomera

Classification – Litoria

Gender Names – Male – male; Female – female; Baby – tadpole

Collective Noun – Knot

Length/Size – Up to 5.5 cm

Life Expectancy – Unknown

Mating Season  Monsoon

Special Features  The dorsal part is bright green, while the ventral region and the eyes are distinctly orange

Social Structure – Live in congregation around still water bodies

Geographical Distribution – Tropical northern Queensland, Australia

Natural Habitat – Dense rainforests

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Diet – Insects, ants and arthropods

Predators – Snakes, large birds