Harlequin Poison Frog

Harlequin Poison Frog

Scientific Name – Oophaga histrionica

Classification – Dendrobatidae

Baby Name – Tadpole, polliwog, froglet

Collective Noun – Army, colony

Average Length – 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5 to 3.8 cm)

Average Weight – 5 to 6 g

Life Expectancy – 8 to 15 or more years

Breeding Season – Rainy season

Incubation Period – Around 10 days

Metamorphosis Period – 3 months

Special Features – Bilaterally symmetrical; skin contain glands which produce highly toxic poison; it collects poison from its prey which gets deposited in its body

Family Unit – The female stay by her eggs to protect them as soon as the eggs are fertilized; after hatching, the female transport the tadpoles to small water reservoir; the female returns periodically to the reservoir to lay unfertilized eggs on which the tadpoles feed until the start of metamorphosis

Geographical Distribution – Western Colombia

World Population – Decreasing

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Natural Habitat – Tropical rainforests

Diet – Ants, termites, small beetles, other small arthropods

Predators – Not known