Frosted Flatwoods Salamander

Frosted Flatwoods Salamander

Frosted Flatwoods Salamanders are small reptiles that are distributed within a very narrow geographic range in the United States. This is a ‘vulnerable’ species, and is a member of the ‘mole salamander’ group.

Scientific Name Ambystomacingulatum

Classification – Ambystoma

Gender Names – Male – boar; Female – sow; Baby – eft

Collective Noun – Herd, congress

Length/Size – 9-13.5 cm

Mating Season  October–January

Special Features  Has a striking metallic to silver gray hue all over the body

Geographical Distribution – Eastern regions of the river Apalachicola (north of Florida), southern parts of South Carolina, and south of Georgia

Natural Habitat – Marshy regions of the wet pine flatwoods and the pine savannas

Conservation Status –Vulnerable

Diet – Small crustaceans and invertebrates

Predators – Reptiles, water birds, other larger amphibians