Emperor Newt

Emperor Newt

Scientific Name – Tylototriton shanjing

Classification – Salamandridae

Baby Name – Eft

Collective Noun – There is no collective noun for newts, but it can be called a band

Average Length – Up to 8 in (20 cm)

Life Expectancy – Not Known

Breeding Season – Rainy season

Incubation Period – 15 to 40 days

Metamorphosis Period – Around 2 months

Special Features – Possess rough skin with distinctive bony ridges on the sides and top of the head; have glands that produce potent toxic venom to protect against predators

Family Unit – Solitary creatures except during mating

Geographical Distribution – China

World Population – Decreasing

Conservation Status – Near Threatened

Natural Habitat – Pools and slow-moving streams in subtropical forests

Diet – Small invertebrates like crickets and worms

Predators – Not known