California Tiger Salamander

California Tiger Salamander

Scientific Name – Ambystoma californiense

Classification – Ambystomatidae

Baby Name – Efts

Collective Noun – Congress, band or maelstrom

Average Length – 7 – 8 in

Average Weight – Around 50 g

Top Speed – 50.8 m/h

Life Expectancy – Up to 15 years

Mating Season – After the first rain during late fall and early winter

Incubation Period – 10 -14 days

Special Features – Secretive creature; stocky body with a broad, rounded snout

Family Unit – Normally solitary; male and female search for one another during the breeding season

Geographical Distribution – California (United States)

World Population – Unknown; estimated to be more than 10,000

Conservation Status – Vulnerable

Natural Habitat – In the vicinity of large, fishless vernal pools; migrate from uplands to aquatic sites for breeding and return to upland habitats after breeding

Diet – Mainly insects

Predators – California Red-legged Frogs, American bullfrogs, skunks, gartersnakes, ground squirrels