California Newt

California Newt

Scientific Name – Taricha torosa

Classification – Carnivore

Baby Name – Eft

Collective Noun – There is no collective noun for newts, but it can be called a band

Average Length – 5 to 8 in (13 to 20 cm)

Speed – Fast moving creature

Life Expectancy – 21.8 years in captivity

Breeding Season – December – early May

Incubation Period – 2 to 3 weeks

Special Features – Stocky with a flattened tail; it has a swollen cloaca and the undersides of the feet have rough nuptial pads; excretes highly potent toxic fluid through its skin to defend against predators

Family Unit – Solitary except during the breeding season

Geographical Distribution – California (United States)

World Population – Unknown

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Natural Habitat – Woodlands, chaparral, near small ponds and creek

Diet – Earthworms, snails, woodlice, bloodworms, slugs, crickets, mosquito larvae

Predators – Common garter snake