Black Bellied Salamander

Black Bellied Salamander

The Black Bellied Salamanders are endemic to the US. Though they are a species declared as ‘least concern’ by the IUCN, they are threatened by a loss of habitat.

Scientific Name Desmognathus quadramaculatus

Classification – Desmognathus

Gender Names – Male – boar; Female – sow; Baby – eft

Collective Noun – Herd, congress

Length/Size – 10 to 18 centimetres (3.9 to 7.1 in)

Life Expectancy – Around 10 years

Mating Season  Late spring

Gestation Period – About three months

Special Features  The underside (ventral) is completely black (in adults), and hence the name

Social Structure – Lives alone

Geographical Distribution – Appalachian Mountains in the USA

Natural Habitat – Rivers, intermittent rivers, freshwater springs

World Population – Unknown (but surely more than 10,000)

Conservation Status – Least Concern

Diet – Insects, larvae, eggs of other salamanders, worms

Predators – Larger salamanders, snakes (mostly garter snake)